Here are five practical ways to optimize your website for lead generation:

Enhance Your Website to Generate Leads

There are lots of different ways in which you can optimize your website for lead generation, some easier to do than others. It’s not as simple as throwing a ‘click here’ button onto your home page and hoping for the best. Marketers and web designers must work together to create a fully optimised website that will allow you to create a consistent stream of leads. ZYM allows you to create and launch various lead capture forms across all marketing channels, including your website. You can also measure them in real-time and see what’s working and what’s not. The lead generation process starts when a visitor clicks on a CTA, and willingly hands over their email address for something in return. 

1) Add forms to the best pages on your website – the ones that drive the most traffic

If you have active website visitor tracking, you’ll be able to see what pages are the most popular on your website. If you KNOW people are flocking there, you need to make sure you have optimised that page for lead generation and are capturing as many emails as you can. 

Measure each lead generator’s performance and carefully track where the leads are coming from. It might not even be a page on your website, but a blog post or a social media platform. When you know what it is, you can figure out why it’s working so well and apply these ideas to other pages on your website.

Using ZYM website tracking, you can see how many people are coming to your website every day, as well as breaking it down information on an individual visit basis. With our website tracking, you will be able to see whether they are new or returning visitors, the number of pages they have viewed and a breakdown of the actual pages they have visited. What’s more, you’ll be able to see what device they used to view it and their geographical location to get a full view of your website visitors.

See a preview beneath of ZYM's website visits analysis, showing a breakdown of each visit, along with source of visit and score achieved.  

2) Optimise each step of the lead generation process.

If you know that a particular blog post or web page has attracted people, you need to make sure it’s updated regularly, and everything is working such as links and forms. You need to test all buttons, landing pages, and post-entry pages as well as updating content regularly so people won’t get bored.

Using ZYM you can build customisable web forms that convert, all launched within a minute, with easy implementation. Creating web forms should be easy, which is why we have created a full design hub where you can create useful and straightforward templates, that will save you time, effort and potentially money in the long run. Stay focused on the important stuff and let the ZYM platform take care of the rest – like making sure your web forms are optimised for performance, flexibility and security. 

See below, an example of webforms you can build in ZYM, easy to customise and add to your website.

3) Always have a basic CTA on your homepage

It’s essential to have a CTA on your homepage, but you shouldn’t bombard people with a complex piece of content as soon as they arrive on your site. Keep the CTA plain and straightforward, like ‘Find Out More’, or ‘Subscribe to Updates’. 

4) Offer a downloadable piece of content on your blog posts or email marketing material

Again, ZYM website visitor tracking and analytic tools will allow you to see what’s the highest performing blog post on your site. If you KNOW people are interested in this topic, then you should create a longer piece of content about the same topic and use it as a lead generation tool. 

5) Offer a live chat service on your website

Live Chat, and Chatbots are becoming more and more popular as people want responses in real-time – patience has well and truly gone out the window in the modern world. People want answers to questions quickly and efficiently, and chatbots are a fantastic way to do this. 

By plugging in pre-empted responses to FAQs, you can communicate with your audience in real-time and keep their attention. They will understand that if they want to know more, in-depth information, they might have to enter their email address, which is a fantastic lead generation opportunity. Using ZYM, you can connect your live chat feature, through a Zapier (3rd party connecting software) and connect with real-time visitors to your website. Follow up engagements with your visitors and send automated email messages to increase sales and give fantastic customer support – all with live insights for you to analyse such as trends, leads and all your live chat campaigns. 

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