A proven methodology to help you establish a profitable pipeline

Take the guesswork out of digital marketing and add solid structure with Zym’s FRECO framework. Mapped to our platform, the FRECO framework will help you design, control and strengthen your marketing efforts to help you grow your business.

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The Zym FRECO Framework

Strengthening your efforts for maximum ROI

Our FRECO framework (Find, Reach, Engage, Convert and Optimise) has been designed to help you configure and build the best marketing strategy possible from start to finish. From finding new customers all the way through to turning those new customers into brand advocates, the FRECO system gives you the structure and direction to make marketing profitable for your business.

Optimise your campaigns and manuevere quickly

Use Zym’s reporting and tracking tools to measure where your campaigns are doing well and where they aren’t. Optimise within Zym to make sure you get the best ROI.

Find and reveal future customers

Use Zym to automatically find and reveal new prospects and leads from multiple sources. (B2B only).

Convert leads into sales quickly

With Zym, it is easier to convert leads into actual sales. Let us show you the best way to make sure you seal the deal.

Drive engagement with your customers

Engage successfully with your customers using power tools such as web forms, pop-ups, landing pages, automation and bespoke competitions.

Reach your audiences instantly

Use ZYM to connect with your audiences via your website, social media, blogs, email and digital ads – all from one central platform.






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Integrated with Zym tools

When you sign up to Zym, you choose the ZYM plan that has the tools to help your business do marketing, just better. These tools, sit seamlessly within our FRECO framework, giving you and your business additional organisation to manage your marketing channels and activities.

The Zym Platform

Support when you need it

To help you get the most out of the Zym platform and our FRECO framework, when you sign up, you will have access to our Zym Academy which includes over 100 tutorials on each of the 5 key framework sections. Our team of industry experts have created these on-demand tutorials to help you build better marketing practices into your everyday business.

The Zym Academy

Created in partnership with renowned marketing expert PR Smith

Our FRECO framework has been endorsed by PR Smith, creator of SOSTAC® planning who has also partnered with us to create our unique Digital Marketing Planning Course. Our combined aim was to create something simple and logical for business owners to follow, giving structure, guidance and organisation to their digital marketing efforts.

By following the FRECO framework, your business can create a sustainable pipeline of new customers, whilst maintaining relationships with previous customers at the same time, leading to increased revenue, business growth and greater peace of mind.

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