Retargeting – what is it and why do I need it?

You have heard of Retargeting, but what is it?

We have all experienced retargeting, perhaps when shopping online for a desirable item like clothes, shoes or holidays.  The very next time you go online on social media or a website, you might notice that the business is serving you ads about the very item you were researching. This is retargeting in action. Why does your business need it? Retargeting is a useful tactic to 1) strengthen your marketing strategy and achieve your overall business goals and this blog discusses why you need it and 2) how you can make retargeting more efficient using ZYM.

Retargeting visual explanation.

Why does a business need to retarget?

“For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit.” (, Feb 2022) That means 98% of the traffic coming to websites doesn't fulfil the conversion criteria for those businesses, which could be a sign-up or purchase on the website. That could be an awful lot of potential customers lost at the top of the funnel and retargeting offers businesses a second chance to get in front of potential customers.

Move more buyers down the buyer funnel

Retargeting moves prospects down the Buyer Funnel. Let’s take a look at the potential numbers here, if the business website gets 10,000 visits per month, then 9800 prospects per month are still out there researching for a solution to their buying problem. Marketing theory says businesses should encourage buyers with more content until they are ready to convert.  Retargeting is a great way to achieve that. “Conversion rates for retargeting can reach up to 150%.” (”, Feb 2022) Retargeting means that a business can target the 9800 prospects that did not convert (or haven't made up their mind yet) using a combination of channels like Google, FB, Twitter, and email marketing to keep their brand in front of the potential customers mind.

First steps to developing a remarketing campaign

Retargeting is a great way of capturing prospects on their buyer journey. The idea of retargeting is to identify prospects who have engaged on the business website, did not convert to customers and then show them content to help them make a decision to buy. How is this done? Google, Facebook, and other ad vendors store the initial web visit information on tracking cookies, and this allows the ads channels to retarget the website visitors with further customised content and messaging.

4 steps to retargeting

1) Set up retargeting tracking pixels to capture web visits. Your business will need to use an ad account on the channel they wish to retarget from e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google and learn how to set up retargeting pixels on them. The retargeting pixels are then added to the backend of the webpage that engagement is being tracked on. More detailed instructions on how this is done will be found on the channel’s accounts and ZYM has a help guide here that will give you advice on how to find remarketing pixels.

2) Another option is to upload a GDPR approved and engaged email list to the retargeting campaign and retarget this list from the channel you choose to retarget from.

3) The business will then need to create or add the content they want to serve up to their potential customers to help them make a purchase.

4) Then, retarget the website visitors that didn't convert with a retargeting ad (content could be made specific depending on which website page/product the prospect initially engaged with), and drive them to convert.

How does ZYM help you retarget more efficiently and easily?

If your business has a marketing automation platform like ZYM, it means that retargeting is more effective as ZYM offers added tracking from email automation and website visitor tracking.

ZYM helps you retarget in 2 ways:

1) ZYM Landing Pages – Add your Ads pixel ID to ZYM Landing pages, therefore any visits to a ZYM landing page with the pixels attached will store the information from the visit, these will be added to your remarketing audience on the channel you are using for retargeting.

Why is this useful?

When a person visits your ZYM landing page, and browses through your content, but navigates away again, this does not have to mean the customer is lost. ZYM tracks the visit and adds it to the remarketing pixel that feeds the retargeting ads. This means the marketer can retarget the people who visited through retargeting ads campaigns.

2) Email Retargeting – Use ZYM Email Automation to retarget the lists of subscribers that have already engaged with your emails and are on a buyer journey with your business. A segmented list of engaged contacts is easy to download from ZYM and then upload directly into your retargeting ads campaigns. Retarget already engaged prospects. ZYM makes retargeting easier as it can all be handled from one central platform.  If you have not tried remarketing before, our ZYM experts will support you to get it setup from ZYM. Start smashing your marketing campaigns today from ZYM, with ZYM.

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