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Are you spending too much time posting from various platforms for social media, blog, email and so on?  Would you love an all-in-one solution?  ZYM can manage all the 7 methods of reaching customers in the blog below, you can switch it on or off in any combination of the 7 features you want!  ZYM is designed specifically for small businesses like yours that want to transform their marketing practices. Find out more here.

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1. Social Media Marketing

As a small business, you are likely using key tools like social media already to reach your customers; it’s a great way to reach your audience and is completely affordable and accessible to every business.  Facebook, Linked IN, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok are all free. This a perfect way to ramp up your marketing reach on a budget.
Why not make it even more powerful and convenient to use and monitor with ZYM’s social media marketing scheduler & planner?  You can plan for months ahead if you wish and never lose another social media idea again, just add it to the planner in draft status and return and complete, when you are feeling more creative!

Comprehensive social media stats for all countries here.  (In case you need more convincing!)

2. Blog Marketing

This the perfect way to utilise the power of SEO, with all those important keywords your customers are searching for, blogs are powerful ways to reach an audience and a wonderful way to show off your expertise on your business area and express your ideas and thoughts.  ZYM has a FREE blog planner and Content area to help you organise your upcoming blogs and add blog content ahead of time, even if it is still at the idea stage.

An added bonus of using ZYM is that you will have a permanent record of all your blogs, should you need to refer back to them or repost them, it’s made easy on ZYM.  Click here to find out more.

ZYM Blog planner

3. Email marketing made stronger with ZYM Automated Journeys

Automating emails could be a key part of your marketing, why send 1 email, when you can plan a whole series to warm up your customers in a visible and measurable platform?

Experience the visual joy of ZYM automated journeys, where you can plan a workflow of actions and events and then easily measure the interest of your audience across a number of emails, including using a scoring system to pick out the “hotter” leads.  Sign up here

4. Google search ads

You can see how many people are searching on Google here on Live Internet Statistics.  Amazing isn’t it!  With 92,062 searches per second (correct at time of publishing) Google Ads could be a real driver for your business.  If you have a budget for Google Ads and want to use it for the first time, you can research more here.  If you are already using Google Ads we can make creating and reporting even easier on ZYM as we are an official Google partner and have an easy 7 step creator inbuilt on ZYM.

5. Linked In ads

Perfect if you are a B2B business, these ads can be created in minutes and can be targeted to a chosen audience with several options around how you want them to display and how to pay, PPC (you pay every time there is a click) or CPM (per thousand impressions).  If you are a B2B business these are well worth checking out, find out more here.

6. Facebook ads

If you are not already using Facebook ads, then you could be missing out on reaching an audience who do not follow you already but might be interested in your products, particularly in other geographical areas outside of your organically collected followers, e.g., if you believe there is a market for your products for women in London, you can target this geographical area in a FB ad.

It’s super easy to use Facebook ads and you can create “carousel ads'' which have up to 10 images that can be targeted directly at your audience, while covering a wide range of products or services across the 10 images. The Facebook algorithm is designed to keep serving users topics and ads they are showing an interest in.  More here.

7. Website Intelligence

Wouldn’t it be great to know who has been on your website from your recent email campaigns?  Now that is intelligence tools at their best!  Well, with ZYM Website Intelligence tool used in conjunction with ZYM Email Newsletters or Journey automations you can track those who have visited your website, which pages they have been on and how long they have spent on your website.  This is essential intelligence for your business, so they can follow up more promising customers with stronger intent to buy.  What’s not to like??  Click here to sign up for free or book a demo.

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