A is for Automation 

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the pinnacle of digital transformation for Martech tools and small businesses. A good few years back, (you may or may not remember!) the Rolodex of contacts went onto a spreadsheet, then that became a CRM.  A postal mailing list became an emailer software, a customer leads database became a CRM and sales pipeline, Ads went online, social media was used for businesses and blogs and a multitude of content went online and it became the norm that technology was used to manage marketing through a range of digital marketing tools. Marketing automation software is the next level up for marketers in the digital age. Read more about the history of marketing automation from Sourabh Mathur here.

What can marketing automation do for small businesses?

Marketing automation combines multiple marketing tools on one dashboard and increases small businesses' productivity by centralising marketing tools and using automation to manage multiple marketing tasks. Marketing automation platforms offer businesses birds-eye views and control over multiple types of marketing tactics involved in their buyer funnel. This functionality allows small businesses to do marketing better, faster, and more successfully, while increasing productivity and leads. Are you a small business using an email provider for one-off email sends, a social media scheduler, or using up time on 3 native social media channels? Would you like to manage multiple email workflows for several target audiences simultaneously and then define further targeted automated flows based on those email workflow outcomes? Marketing automation software offers small businesses increased productivity so that instead of using business resources to send emails from a mailer, posting social media posts from the native platforms, marketing automation software allows marketers to create sets of defined instructions, called workflows, to automate these processes. ZYM Buyer Funnel

ZYM Buyer Funnel

How can you transform your small business with marketing automation?  

There are countless examples of small businesses that have transformed their business with marketing automation.  With marketing automation offering powerful marketing tools, businesses immediately have more power at their fingertips across the buyer funnel.  Check out 5 creative ways automation has transformed business processes from ventureharbour.com here


3 practical examples of how ZYM can transform your small business marketing processes

1) Email Automation – By implementing multiple automated email sequences on ZYM Journeys, your business can drive leads from multiple target audiences and then track prospects that open and click emails, demonstrating engagement in your marketing.  Set up a trigger point in the automated journeys based on a score and add an automated condition that sends Hot Leads directly to the ZYM Sales pipeline. How can this help you grow your business? The email automation is set up once and runs your chosen target lists automatically, so all the business has to do is manage the lists and the leads.

2) Landing pages – Create and Design an email and landing page campaign from ZYM.  Drive interested prospects to the landing page in ZYM (which can be designed like your web pages) and offer your most valuable content behind a form on the landing page. How can this help you grow your business? Creating great content is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. You are the expert in your area and offering prospects great content when they fill out the landing page form will make them a hot lead. Send these leads directly to the sales pipeline ready for sales outreach.

3) Sales pipeline – Automatically move hot leads into the ZYM Sales pipeline and manage hot leads directly from ZYM.  The sales pipeline is a visual table of leads and ZYM allows you to customise the stages of the pipeline to suit your business.

How can this help you grow your business? When you log into the ZYM pipeline the leads will be there automatically and at the stage of the pipeline that has been automatically pre-defined by your business.  That will increase productivity and save time chasing leads that are not qualified by ZYM marketing automation.

ZYM Marketing Automation

Is ZYM the best solution for my small business? Unlike the traditional marketing automation vendors, ZYM has some key differences that make it stand out from the crowd in the marketing automation market. ZYM has all the tools that the others have, but with some added benefits, below.

You are never alone – ZYM has a dedicated team of customer support heroes to help you do marketing better, a range of live classes, and platform tutorials that will help you with best practices.

Take a free 14 day trial here. Want to find out more about how Zym works? Click here to view the video tour.