Develop a Strong Social Media Strategy with Automation

Social media is a very powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy. Studies show that around 60% of people access social media every day or most days, so there is a massive opportunity to reach people with your marketing campaigns via social media channels. As well as having such high usage, social media is one of the easiest and cheapest marketing channels to set up.

The biggest drawback to social media marketing is that it can be very time-consuming, as you need to regularly produce great content that helps you to build a relationship with your followers and attract more followers. When you are busy running a business, it is difficult to make time to create and publish regular content.

The best solution to this problem is to utilise social media automation. Software such as Zym allows you to automate actions such as planning and scheduling. Within Zym, you can create a social media strategy that will give you more insight into what your business can do to improve customer engagement with certain pieces of content for specific dates or times of year.

Social Media Planning

Instead of making time each day to post content and getting distracted from other work, you can plan social posts in advance. You do this work all at once, so you do not need to keep going back to it. It would be beneficial to produce a content calendar template, to allow you to envisage the coming month/year and share with team members for collaboration. 

Save time 

The major advantage of using automation software for your social media is because it will save you a great amount of time, especially if you have several social media accounts to manage. Using Zym, you can access all your social channels by using one simple dashboard, rather than switching between platforms.


Zyms Soclal Planning Tool

Come back at a later date

Sometimes it is beneficial to write draft posts in a social media content calendar and come back to revise them later. For example, you can proofread them to check for mistakes, or you may need to add some detail that was not available at the time of writing. You can easily schedule drafts and go back and revise them at a later date with Zym.

Easily manage your upcoming content calendar

Zym also allows you to build and view your upcoming social media content calendar, so you have a full view of your content plan. This makes it easier to ensure you create content at regular intervals and that any key dates have content lined up. For example, scheduling content for Valentine’s Day and other dates. This will also allow you to stay on top of current social media trends, as running a steady flow of posts in the background will allow you more time for sporadic posting.

Why choose Zym for Social Media Automation?

There are many reasons that Zym is the best choice for social media automation for small businesses. Our platform is one of the most inclusive social media tools on the market. You can plan content ideas, edit and publish content all within the dashboard. As well as being able to tailor your plan around your business needs, Zym integrates with most social channels and also produces a reporting dashboard that quickly shows you important insights such as post engagements.